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Posted by Prince George Ski Club on Feb 04 2022 at 09:33AM PST in 2021-22 Season

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Smithers, BC – Some places just have a certain magic, and Smithers is one of them. People come to Smithers for that deep snow, to ski at Hudson Bay Mountain Resort or get into the backcountry, but it also presents the perfect backdrop for a romantic, leisurely couples getaway.

For Alana Petrella, as she and her fiance Bryan Mitchell enjoyed an intimate sleigh ride through the Bulkley Valley just east of town, the first and strongest word that came to mind is “magical.”

“It just felt like we were in a winter wonderland,” said Petrella. “The recreation in general is pretty amazing, and the other thing is the community, and I think we experienced that.”

Here’s a few ways you can experience the winter magic of Smithers.

Skate on open alpine lakes
Smithers boasts not one but three outdoor lakes cleared voluntarily for skating by local community members. Glide along hand-in-hand on the smooth ice of Seymour Lake, Lake Kathlyn or Tyhee Lake and enjoy wintry alpine views.

Take a sleigh ride at B & T Rides
Pulling into the sprawling ranchlands of B & T Rides, the first thing you see is a bright red four-seater sleigh draped with fur blankets and hitched to two great Percherons nuzzling each other by an old machine shop.


The next thing that hits you is the picturebook landscape: rolling snowy hills, poplar and spruce forest, and mountains in the distance. Expect the warmest welcome you could imagine, and an experience that will sweep your partner off his or her feet.

Snowshoe Lake Kathlyn
Finally, if you want to literally knock your sweetie off their feet, i.e. with a good, playful bodycheck into some soft snow, then snowshoeing at Lake Kathlyn five minutes from downtown is a great way to top off the day. Views from this lake on a clear day, with mountains and glaciers standing tall around the lake, routinely rob people of their breath.

As a snowy dusk descended on Smithers, Petrella and Mitchell brushed the snow from their jackets and pants, hearts pounding and their faces suffused with mirth. It was clear they’d found the spark of something special here in northern BC.


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